TIME Magazine Sees Us at Sinai

A few weeks ago TIME had an article enititled, “e-Harmony, Meet Fiddler on the Roof” about the web site Saw You at Sinai. Anyway I had just found the article on the Internet and I simply could not resist posting and commenting.

Here’s the gist of the interview:


Why did you become a matchmaker?
My first match, I met a girl out of the blue. I looked at her, and I really believe God said to me, “Set her up with Mark Goldenberg.” They called me after their first date to tell me they were engaged.

My comment: Must have been a very successful date. Maybe a little too successful if you know what I mean and – ah never mind.

Why is this site better than others?
I’ll find out if the guy is really a good guy or not. I save everybody’s notes: “This guy was a schmuck; he was two hours late.” I have the information.

Snarkodox: First reaction: A heimish lady using the word “schmuck” in an interview? Cool.

Second reaction: So if I meet a guy can I just call you to find out he’s a schmuck or not?

Will this work for other niche groups?
Beautiful idea. Fantastic. Black women call me all the time; they want Jewish men, but they’d love black men too. Mormons, black Buddhists — you name it, you got it.

Snarkodox: Now that might actually make Saw You at Sinai a pretty cool site. They would need more Hashkafa categories.

Does there come a time when your spouse-seeking clients need to settle?
Oh, yes. These girls are 36, 37, 38, 39 — they’re not settling. They’re foolish! Your instinct tells you you have to. I settled.

Snarkodox: First reaction: Um, the interviewer didn’t say anything about GIRLS settling. I guess guys don’t have to settle because we’re all just so much more awesome than they are.

Second reaction: ‘”I did”? Does her husband read TIME? Maybe it was one of the things she settled on.


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